2010 Winter Regional: The Tournament Goes On!


Apparently, mother nature has decided to bring us a bit of snow on Friday evening into Saturday.

The Winter Regional Tournament will take place as scheduled.  We will move the starting time from 9 am to 10 am.  Unfortunately, we cannot refund the tournament fee if you cannot attend.

However, in a gesture of understanding for those contestants who live outside the five boroughs of NYC and cannot travel due to severe snow conditions will have their tournament fee applied to the upcoming Fathers' Day Recognition Tournament in June. A new application will have to be filled out by all contestants regardless of fee payment.

For those who will attend let's have a safe and enjoyable tournament.

For those travelling, have a safe trip.

Yours in karatedo,

Myron M. Lubitsch, Hanshi


The Shinzen

The Shorinjiryu Shinzen Kyokai is the largest organization of Shorinjiryu practitioners in the world. One day a year we assemble to compete. Over the past few years this tournament has become much more. It is our opportunity to see old friends, reminisce about old times and create new memories.

This year will be a little different, for me, because one of my brothers in karate will not be there. My brother, Shihan Ghilain Dore will not be there. If you don't know Shihan Dore tragically passed away. I will miss him. I will miss so many things about him that I can't put them all into words. But I will be dedicating this day, to my friend, my brother, Shihan Ghilain Dore.

Shihan G. Dore



Kenryukan is Online!!!

20 years in the making. Years and years of starting and not completing. Too many voices, too many participants, too many different directions taken before deciding on one. This WAS the history of the Shorinjiryu Kenryukan Karate's webiste. But as of today, Kenyukan has arrived in the 21st century.

This website is the culmination of over 40 years of experience from Hanshi Myron M. Lubitsch. For many who study with him, he is a close friend, a caring guide and a strong advocate. But first and foremost he is a karate instructor.

So take some time to explore the website. Visit the links under The Fundamentals first, then move onto History and Philosopy. Let us know what you think. Help us improve the website customized just for the students of Shorinjiryu Kenryukan Karate.

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